It’s hard to believe how dramatically cremation rates have increased over the years. Only five decades ago, less than 4% of Americans chose cremation. Now, that number hovers right around 50%, with experts estimating the rate will reach nearly 80% by 2035.

What is influencing this shift? Cost certainly plays a role, as does a greater cultural and religious acceptance of cremation. Another factor to consider is the evolution of funeral traditions, as families are discovering that cremation is a dignified form of commemoration with many options.

In the past, some people favored traditional burial solely because they wanted their loved ones to have the full funeral experience. Now, more and more people are learning they can still have a visitation, memorial service, traditional funeral service, graveside observance, and many other comforting and healing rituals when choosing cremation. Of course, there is added peace of mind when a family selects a Cremation with Confidence™ provider, who will help plan a fitting and unique memorial and burial while ensuring that a loved one is treated with dignity and respect.

As traditions change, cremation providers are developing new and meaningful ways to honor and memorialize the life that was lived. Attitudes about what is deemed appropriate during a funeral have broadened, and that means providers can offer more personalized choices and unique forms of tribute and remembrance. Consider these options:

1. Design a personalized urn bearing emblems and engravings that denote religious affiliation, hobbies, special interests, and/or military or civic service. Some families select other vessels with special meaning in place of an urn, like tackle boxes, cookie jars, tool boxes, or sewing boxes.

2. Select a meaningful final resting place, from scattering cremated remains in a special location to choosing in-ground burial, whether in an individual space or in a family plot.

3. Create a permanent memorial in a loved one’s honor. Inscribe a name or beloved quote on a tree plaque, memorial park bench, or a seat in an art venue.

When choosing a cremation provider, it’s important to ask questions about personalization options and memorial services. It’s even more important to learn what measures a funeral home takes to guard the dignity of the cremation process. Far too many headlines make the news every month detailing cremation mix-ups and mistakes – even criminal behavior. It is essential to choose a cremation provider who offers the Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee, a pledge to abide by a strict ethical code and perform the cremation process according to an exclusive 10-step cremation process.

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