Your Cremation Options

While cremation is becoming more and more common, many still are not aware of all the options available with the choice. In fact, there is no such thing as a “typical” cremation; each cremation can be as unique as the individual. There are many choices available.

Choices for Gatherings:

  • Traditional services with visitation and viewing, with cremation taking place afterward
  • Memorial services after cremation has taken place
  • Private family gathering before or after the cremation

Choices for Final Disposition:

  • Burial of the cremated remains, or preservation in a columbarium niche
  • Permanent possession of cremated remains in unique and beautiful urns or keepsake lockets
  • Scattering in a memorial garden or place of special importance
  • Placement of remains inside a living memorial coral reef
  • Transformation of remains into a precious gem

Choices for Memorialization:

  • Monuments, markers or plaques
  • Memorials
  • Living memorials, such as tree plantings
  • Dove, balloon, or butterfly releases