Make Your Wishes Known

When planning a funeral, research shows there are over 100 detailed decisions to make. Preplan and eliminate the need for your family to debate, discuss, and guess what you would have wanted. Protect them from the stress of searching for essential information and documents once you are gone.

Preplanning ensures your wishes are known at the time when they are most needed. A copy of those wishes can be kept at the funeral home to make sure they are available when needed. Some people leave directions in their will or a safe deposit box, but often these are not opened or read until after a funeral.

Why Do I Need a Guarantee?

It’s difficult to think about, but not all cremation providers are committed to ensuring your peace of mind. National headlines have drawn attention to providers who have engaged in some unethical practices to cut costs. Local headlines also reveal devastating errors made when providers don’t follow a strict system of checks and balances.

Due to these scandals, many have concerns about the processes and procedures of the crematory or cremation service. That’s why the Cremation with Confidence™ 10-Step Process was developed — to provide greater peace of mind to families who prefer cremation.