When Royal David purchased Wheeler & Woodlief Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Rocky Mount, NC, in 2013, he knew his family of eight was in for an adventure. Royal, his wife Liz, and their six children relocated from Southern Louisiana, and in the years since, have become deeply invested in their community. Four of David’s sons now work at the funeral home alongside their parents – but none would ever call what they do “work.”

“What we’re doing is not a job; what we’re doing is an important ministry,” says Dexter David, CCO and Family Service Counselor at Wheeler & Woodlief. “When a family comes into this funeral home, we want them to know we’re all about creating relationships and treating them how we would want to be treated.”

One of the ways the Davids establish and build trust with families is through owning and operating their own crematory, along with providing Cremation with Confidence™.  When families prefer cremation, the Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee ensures them that their loved one will be treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process, and that the cremation procedures are up to the David’s rigorous set of standards.

“It’s important for families to know that their loved one is being cared for by us from the time we leave their house through the end,” says Dexter. “Cremation with Confidence™ helps us explain the 10-step cremation process – and why we do what we do. We want families to understand why they’re making the selections they’re making.”

Adds Royal, “Many years ago, when Cremation with Confidence™ first came out, I knew it was what we needed to help explain to families why our prices were higher. I also want every family we serve to understand how we treat their loved one. That’s why we [became a provider].”

The Davids realize many people have misconceptions about the cremation process, or simply don’t know what’s involved. Says Royal, “For us, Cremation with Confidence™ is an additional tool or resource we have to communicate people’s options, and so they know we will treat their loved one with respect and dignity.”

These options include countless ways to make a cremation service as personal and meaningful as with traditional burial. Dexter thinks back to one service for a colonel in the military who chose cremation. The Royals helped arrange for more than 50 veterans in attendance to proceed into the funeral together and salute the memorial – a special surprise and honor for the family.

“These are small things, but they’re small things the family will never forget,” Dexter says. “And that’s what personalization is about.”

Whether selecting cremation or traditional burial, the Davids want to be sure those they serve learn about all their options. They also want families to have peace of mind knowing their loved one will never leave the David family’s compassionate care. The Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee is one more way they can offer this assurance.